"Antonin Scalia and James Wilson: On Faith, On Justice, On Judging"


Photo Credit: Oyez.com (Left) and Wikimedia (Right)

The James Wilson Institute hosted an evening talk with Prof. Mark Hall (George Fox University) and Edward Whelan (Ethics and Publicy Policy Center) on the legacy of Antonin Scalia and the historical ideas of James Wilson. These scholars discussed the relationship between faith, justice, and the judiciary. They compared the works of Scalia and Wilson to draw conclusions on timeless truths that have structured the judiciary even to this day. This time discussed the role that faith has in the lives of our judges and how it should affect their decisions.


Hadley Arkes
Founder and Director, The James Wilson Institute


Prof. Mark David Hall
George Fox University

Photo Credit: George Fox University

Prof. Hall is a scholar of James Wilson, Editing the book, "Great Christian Jurists in American History" and the Liberty Fund's "Collected Works of James Wilson." His research and work has centered on American political theory and the connection between religion and politics. He has written extensively on the subject both in books and journals.


Edward Whelan
Ethics and Public Policy Center

Photo Credit: Ethics and Public Policy Center

Edward Whelan is the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the editor of a collection of writings from Justice Antonin Scalia titled, "On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer." He directs the EPPC's program on The Constitution, the Courts, and the Culture, and has been a leading commentator in the process of confirming judicial appointees.