At the Threshold of a New Administration: A Colloquium Among Friends of the Institute

The JWI hosted a colloquium on the American regime in anticipation of President-elect Trump’s inauguration. Rick Santorum, David Eisenhower, Kim Strassel, and Ben Domenech joined JWI Founder and Director Hadley Arkes and JWI Deputy Director Garrett Snedeker for a series of lectures and panels. Video recordings are forthcoming.  

Funding for the Colloquium was made possible by the Committee for the American Founding at Amherst College.


Kim Strassel
Ben Domenech
Rick Santorum
David Eisenhower



  • Kim Strassel on "The Intimidation Game"

  • David Eisenhower on Key Issues and Controversies Affecting the 2016 Election

  • Rick Santorum on the Culture Wars and the 2016 Election

  • Ben Domenech on the State of Conservatism