"Is There Anything 'Essentially' Human?: James Wilson's Critique of Locke"—Lecture by Prof. Daniel Robinson

On Wednesday, March 16, at the University Club of D.C. we hosted the first in a series of lectures in 2016 in co-sponsorship with the Wheatley Institution of Brigham Young University.  Prof. Daniel Robinson delivered a theory entitled, "Is There Anything 'Essentially' Human?: James Wilson's Critique of Locke." After the lecture, Prof. Roberta Bayer of Patrick Henry College joined to offer commentary.

To watch Prof. Robinson's riviting lecture, please click on the video below.




  • Prof. Daniel Robinson is a Fellow of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, and a Senior Fellow at the Wheatley Institution. He earned his B.A. from Colgate University, and his PhD in Neurophyschology at City University of New York. He has written on numerous philosophical topics; his works include Wild Beasts & Idle Humours: The Insanity Defense from Antiquity to the Present, Praise and Blame: Moral Realism and Its Application, and Schiavo, Privacy and Interests Laws. Prof. Robinson is on the board of Consulting Scholars at the James Madison Program at Princeton University, has served as principle consultant for Public Broadcast and the BBC for their series "The Brain" and "The Mind", and has held academic positions at Amherst College, Columbia University, and Princeton University. He received two Lifetime Achievement awards, and the Gittler Award from the American Psychological Association. Prof. Robinson is a longtime friend of Prof. Arkes, going back to when they worked together at Amherst in the late 1960's. Prof. Robinson has participated in our James Wilson Seminars, our biannual gatherings of judges and philosophers, and has served as a guest lecturer during our summertime James Wilson Fellowship.