John Marshall: Landmarks & Legacy

WATCH "John Marshall: His Landmark Cases" on C-SPAN

WATCH "John Marshall: His Legacy" on C-SPAN

On Monday, October 2, we were pleased to partner with ConSource and the John Marshall Foundation to host two panels on the landmark cases and the legacy of Chief Justice John Marshall.  The event took place at the DACOR Bacon House, the former home of John Marshall.  The event consisted of two 90-minute panels.

The first panel, titled “Landmark Cases of John Marshall,” featured Professor David Forte, a former delegate to the UN and current professor of law at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and Professor Melvin Urofsky, an established author and professor of Law & Public Policy at American University.  Professor Arkes, our Executive Director, was appointed to be the moderator of this panel and chose to periodically incorporate his insight throughout, providing further depth to the conversation. These scholars provided insight on the lasting effects of cases such as Gibbons v. Ogden and Marbury v. Madison. Not only did Marshall's service on the bench guide the judicial branch, but the foundling nation as well.

The subsequent panel, “Legacy of John Marshall,” provided analysis of the lasting impact that John Marshall has had on the Supreme Court. The discussion was graciously moderated by the Honorable Judge Richard Leon of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Professor Kevin Walsh, teacher of federal jurisdiction and constitutional law and Richmond University and board member of the John Marshall Foundation, and Dr. Derek Webb, associate at Sidley Austin, LLP in the Supreme Court and Apellate practice groups, shared their scholarship with us through two lectures and an open discussion. These discussions explicated the unique effect that Marshall's role as Chief Justice has had on our nation to this day and in this time era of judicial crisis how his time on the court serves as a guide.