Prof. Arkes at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels: "Natural Law: Is it a Theory or a Thing?"

Please join us for a discussion on the role of natural rights and principled reasoning in the law with Professor Hadley Arkes on Friday, August 8th. The event will take place at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in sunny Los Angeles, California. Cost of admission is $12 to cover the  space and lunch that will be provided.

Questions addressed include: What is the history of the idea of natural law? How does natural law fit into today's society? And can we safely rely on principled reasoning as the basis of legal decision making, or must we accept whatever new conventions that those with political power wish for us to accept as law?

We look forward to the engaging discussions and hope to see many of you there.

Please kindly RSVP. For more information, please email Garrett Snedeker at