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  • Interview with US Commission on International Religious Freedom Chairman – Prof. Daniel Mark

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Sep 29, 2017
    Professor Mark was recently elected chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). He is an assistant professor of political science at Villanova University, a visiting fellow at the University of Notre Dame, and a JWI Affiliated Scholar. We invite you to  read our interview with Dr. Mark. You are the Chairman of […] …
  • Free Speech and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Sep 25, 2017
    Jack Phillips, Barronelle Stutzman, Blaine Adamson, and the Larsen Family: each are blessed with extraordinary creativity and faith along with success in their private businesses. Jack bakes personalized cakes, Barronelle designs unique floral arrangements, Blaine prints custom shirts, and the Larsen’s videography captures the intimate stories of others. Each take pride in their faith and […] …
  • Prof. Hadley Arkes on Life Talk – “The Moral Turn”

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Sep 14, 2017
    On Life Talk , a production of Sacred Heart Radio in Washington State, Prof. Hadley Arkes gives a behind-the-scenes look into his recent essay  in First Things, “The Moral Turn.”  Prof. Arkes discusses how he came to write the essay, the moral grounds of American jurisprudence,  and the contradictions in legal reasoning that arise when this is forgotten. Listen […] …
  • “Natural Justice and the Amistad”–Professor Justin Dyer in Starting Points

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Aug 28, 2017
    Justin Dyer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri and an Affiliated Scholar of JWI, recalls the oral argument of John Quincy Adams in the historic Supreme Court case of United States v. Amistad (1841). In a piece published at Starting Points, a journal of the Kinder Institute, Dyer explains Adams’s use of arguments based […] …
  • Prof. Hadley Arkes on The Mike Janocik Show – “The Moral Turn”

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Aug 18, 2017
    Prof. Arkes joined The Mike Janocik Show to discuss his recent essay in First Things,  “The Moral Turn.” Prof. Arkes examines the treatment of moral arguments by progressive and conservative lawyers, explains several schools of constitutional interpretation, and discusses what he describes as President Trump’s common-sense approach to the law. Listen to the Interview:   Audio courtesy […] …
All men are by nature equal and free. No one has a right to any authority over another without his consent
— James Wilson, Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Parliament, 1774