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  • 23 Sep

    Notre Dame Law School Seminar

    JWI will be bringing our signature Law School Seminar program to the Notre Dame Law School campus on September 23-34. The day will feature...
  • 28 Oct

    JWI XXII and Public Lecture

    TBD, 5:00 pm
    JWI will host our Senior Seminar group again this fall for a day of discussions on the workings of moral reasoning in the foundations of our law....

Recent Commentary

  • Fundraising Dinner: Leadership & the Law Award

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Jul 15, 2022
    Judge Janice Rogers Brown was confirmed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in 2005 where she served until she retired in 2017. From 1996 to 2005, she was Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court. Previously, she served as Associate Justice of the Third District Court of Appeals in […] …
  • “Liberty To Do What?” — Hadley Arkes at The Human Life Review

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Jul 6, 2022
    On June 1, 2022, James Wilson Institute Founder and Director Hadley Arkes joined First Things editor Rusty Reno and City College of New York’s George McKenna for a panel hosted by The Human Life Review. They first discussed the potential conflict between liberty and freedom as written in McKenna’s essay, “The Odd Couple: Freedom and […] …
  • “The Greatest Living American Issues His Career-defining Court Opinion” – Josh Hammer

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Jun 28, 2022
    Josh Hammer is opinion editor of Newsweek, a research fellow with the Edmund Burke Foundation, counsel and policy advisor for the Internet Accountability Project, a syndicated columnist through Creators and a contributing editor for Anchoring Truths. In a piece for The Epoch Times, Josh Hammer outlines how Justice Clarence Thomas’s 63-page majority opinion in New […] …
  • “What Comes After Roe” by Gerard V. Bradley

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Jun 28, 2022
    Gerard V. Bradley is a trustee of JWI and a professor of law at Notre Dame School of Law “Almost fifty years after handing down its calamitous abortion decision on January 22, 1973, SCOTUS has finally corrected the biggest mistake it ever made.” Gerard V. Bradley, trustee of the James Wilson Institute and professor of […] …
  • Podcast: Nate Hochman on “What Comes After the Religious Right?”

    Posted by James Wilson Institute on Jun 10, 2022
    In this episode, Garrett Snedeker joins talented young journalist Nate Hochman to discuss his recent article, “What Comes After the Religious Right?” The New York Times featured this article in its Sunday Section in early June of 2022. “What Comes After the Religious Right?” is widely applauded for its detailed descriptions on the debate on the future of conservatism […] …
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Government, in my humble opinion, should be formed to secure and to enlarge the exercise of natural rights of its members, and every government, which has not this in view, as its principal object, is not a government of the legitimate kind.
— James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1790