Katie Roholt Lane ‘14

“The James Wilson fellowship…provided a really powerful answer to what I felt was lacking in my own legal education, and what is suspect is lacking in American law schools in general.”

Prof. Robert Miller

Senior Seminar Participant
"These seminars are the most important conferences I attend."

Zoe Berndt

Georgetown Law Student
“It was as though I had been fumbling in the dark, struggling to find the right words, until the seminar illuminated the inseparable connection between morality and the laws.”

Alan Carrillo ‘20

“James Wilson...goes beyond the how and asks why we are here, why are we doing what we’re doing, what are the values that drive us.”

Aaron Reitz ‘18

“The institute equips us, future judges, legislators, professors, and advocates, with a deep understanding of that true liberty and true law, and the persuasive power to lift up our fellow Americans from the troubled and confused times we live in.”

Joel Nolette ’18

“The seminar has really altered my own approach to legal reasoning by encouraging me and showing me how to confront those deep issues that present themselves, regardless of the current state of law.”

Grant Newman

Harvard Law School
"I learned more in two days with the James Wilson Institute than I did in my entire semester course on Constitutional Law."

Brian Goldman '19

“I have come out of this [fellowship] a different lawyer than when I entered it, and I don’t think you could give higher praise to anything in the legal system…that you came out thinking a different way than [when] you came in.”

Brittney (Lane) Kubisch ’15

“It was helpful to see what I didn’t know, what I was missing, [over] the whole of my education so that I could go back to fill it in and be a better lawyer in the future.”

Eric Hageman ‘16

“I think other organizations may offer superficial ideological unity. What the James Wilson Institute offers is unity on a much, much deeper level. A unity of morality and a unity of the Western canon.”

Prof. Robert Miller

Senior Seminar Participant

“The James Wilson Seminars are virtually unique in the academic world. Not only are they always devoted to what may be the most important question in American law—the relation of natural law to contemporary legal questions—but they also consistently bring together essentially the same set of scholars and judges, which allows the participants to have a much more substantive, serious, and sophisticated conversation, a conversation extended over time in an ongoing pursuit of the truth. These seminars are the most important conferences I attend.”

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