2023 UT and UVA Natural Law Jurisprudence Seminars
By The James Wilson Institute • Posted on Sep 27 2023

In these last couple of weeks of September, we were ecstatic to host our Natural Law Jurisprudence Seminars at the University of Texas Law School and the University of Virginia Law School.

Though it is customary for us to host only one seminar per semester, the enthusiasm for this program was so great that we decided to expand our efforts in reaching the leading law schools of the nation with the lessons of Natural Law. We had one seminar in the Spring earlier this year, adding up to three for 2023, and we plan to do four seminars in the following year, two per semester.

We were honored to have such knowledgeable experts on Natural Law lead and co-host both seminars this month. The UT seminar was led by JWI Founder and Director, Prof. Hadley Arkes, and cohosted by the Civitas Institute and Prof. Justin Dyer. The UVA seminar, hosted the following weekend, was led by JWI Senior Prof. Gerry Bradley of Notre Dame Law School and Prof. Julia Mahoney of UVA.

These introductory seminars, which are held at leading law schools across the country, feature many of the iconic cases familiar to law students, but seen now from a different angle, through the lens of the Natural Law. The attendees are encouraged to engage with their peers and the attending professors to discuss how Natural Law affects the world of legislation around them.

As we plan for our 2024 season, we are grateful to look back at these two successful and enriching seminars at UT and UVA with hope for the future of Natural Law and the new generation of scholars in our nation.


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